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Pure Water Ice Making

Pure water is critical for making ice in ice rinks because impurities can have a significant impact on the quality and safety of the ice. Here are some reasons why pure water is important for ice making.

Durability: The purity of the water affects the hardness and durability of the ice surface. Impurities in the water can cause the ice to become softer, which can lead to damage and unsafe conditions for skaters.

Skating performance: The quality of the ice surface affects the performance of skaters, such as speed and maneuverability. Using pure water helps ensure that the ice is hard and smooth, which is essential for optimal skating conditions.

Maintenance: Pure water helps reduce the amount of maintenance required for ice rinks. Impurities in the water can cause scale buildup and other issues, which can lead to increased maintenance costs and downtime for the rink.

In summary, using pure water for ice making in rinks is essential for creating a durable, high-quality ice surface that is safe and optimal for skaters to use.



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