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water purification equipment room

Water Treatment Equipment

Jutzi Water Technologies provides a range of water pre-treatment equipment. Using a water softener and dealkalizer with remote monitoring with a Bluetooth® control and monitoring system, you can reduce your salt use by as much as 40%, reduce your waste water by as much as 30% and reduce your hardness leakage by as much as 95%. Let Jutzi Water show you how.

Authorized, Independent Kinetico Dealer

water softener equipment

Commercial Water Softeners

Jutzi Water is dedicated to helping our industrial/commercial clients in Ontario reduce their energy costs for smoother, more efficient operations. That’s why we recommend non-electric Kinetico water softeners that are Kinetico Non-Electric Water Softening. Their simple, yet efficient non-electric design eliminates any problems with timers, solenoids and power failures. Because they regenerate only as needed, water usage can vary day to day without causing any problems or waste.

Reverse Osmosis

We offer a full range of water purification options from several different OEM’s. This includes our own range of in-house designed and built Commercial/Industrial ‘Cadillac’ Reverse Osmosis units(up to 15 usgpm). These units are built to be flexible and with minimum maintenance. We can also offer custom solutions such as Electric De-ionisation.

Reverse Osmosos machine in mechanical room
barrels with water pumps.

Controllers and Pumps

We can offer what is required for many applications and needs. Depending on customer requirements, controllers can offer various options for monitoring and display such as: conductivity, TDS, pH, ORP, temperature, biocide control and bleed control. LAN capabilities and offsite monitoring if desired. As with the controllers, pumps can vary depending on needs whether that be; metering pumps, process metering pumps, diaphragm pumps or peristaltic pumps.

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