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D.H. Jutzi in front of esso fuel delivery truck

Our History

Jutzi Water Technologies formally known as D.H. Jutzi Limited was founded by David Jutzi in 1953 as an Imperial Oil distributor. In the beginning, D.H Jutzi Limited sold fuel, oil for home furnaces, lubricants and hydraulic fluid to its customers. With the D.H. Jutzi fleet of delivery trucks transported petroleum across Oxford, Perth and Huron counties from the town of Tavistock Ontario. Eventually the business outgrew the double-car garage in Tavistock and moved to Stratford Ontario to a larger facility in the 1980s. During this time David Jutzi's sons joined the family business to help expand the petroleum business and introduce the water treatment services. In 2017 D.H. Jutzi Limited decided to leave the petroleum sector to focus on the water treatment industry leading to the Jutzi Water Technologies today.

D.H. Jutzi Limited History Time Line

DH Jutzi ESSO Uniform 1950-1960.jpg

D.H. Jutzi 


1st Truck, 1953_edited_edited_edited.png

First Petroleum Truck


In 1953 D.H. Jutzi purchased the first petroleum truck and delivered to Perth East and Zorra townships. D.H. JUTZI Limted at this time also included delivering oil to homes for their furnaces.

D.H. Jutzi origins building the Tavistock Pump 1955

Tavistock Pump House 1970

in the 70s D.H. Jutzi began expanding the business from oil distribution by purchasing the Tavistock pump house.

the D.H Jutzi Limited Fleet, 1970.jpg

1970 Fleet


As business grew, so did the number of delivery and service trucks in the fleet.

Taxistock Pumps corner 1986_edited_edite
Stratford Card Lock 2000s

New Stratford Location

With the growth of the business, D.H Jutzi moved the operation to Stratford, ON. During this time D.H. Jutzi's sons also joined the business.

New Tavistock Gas Station & Communion Store

The Tavistock pump house received an update in 1986 with new pumps and communion building.

Petrolium deleivery trucks and first water deliver truck 1992

Exploring Water

The 1980s D.H. Jutzi Limited expand their petroleum operations into the water treatment sector as opportunities presented themselves.

Tavistock Card Lock 1996


Tavistock Padlock 1996

As the business continued to expand, the Tavistock Padlock was built in 1996.


thunderbird show 1999, jutzi fuel tuck with thunderbird air craft
dh & fredia at the stratford card lock 2003

Thunderbird Show 1999

D.H. Jutzi Limited was one of the sponsers for the 1999 thunderbird show at Stratford ON, by providing the smoke used in the jets.

Installing the first Chlorine tank.JPG


Celebrating 50 Years of Business

2003 D.H. Jutzi Limited celebrated the 50th anniversary of business at the Stratford location.

jutzi truck drivers infront of Jutzi delivery truck.jpg

Shift to Water Treatment

in 2017 the business decided to change focus from oil distribution to transition fully to the water treatment industry.

Jutzi Water Team 70th aniversary

First Chlorine Tank Installed 2003

in 2003 the first Chlorine tank was installed to keep up with the growing demand in the water treatment side of the operation.

grand opening of the new jutzi water technologies facility at 525 Wright Boulvard 2018

New Facility 2018

With the focus solely on the water treatment services, Jutzi Water Technologies built a new facility at 525 Wright Blvd. Stratford, Ontario, to accommodate the water treatment services we provide. 


Tavistock Gazette 1997.png

1997 Business Overview

Article written by local newspaper the Tavistock Gazette breaks down what D.H. Jutzi Limited was doing in 1997. 

70th Anniversary

In 2023 Jutzi Water Technologies celebrated the 70th anniversary of business with the staff and community.

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