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HVAC Equipment

HVAC Water Treatment

A leading supplier of water treatment, wastewater treatment and process systems solutions, Jutzi Water Technologies delivers customer value by improving performance, reducing operating costs and extending equipment life. Our broad range of products and services are used to optimize total water/process system performance, safeguard equipment and protect the environment.

We help our clients reduce their water, energy and operating costs by implementing complete water management programs.

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Steam Boilers

Cooling Towers

water cooling tower
Closed Loops Systems

Closed Loop Systems

Economics prove that a clean boiler will save you far more money in fuel than it could ever use in water treatment products. Jutzi Water is experienced with closed and chilled water systems and ensuring they’re clean to achieve better results. Corrosion in a closed water system is usually the result of one or more of the six types of corrosion attack. Ask us more about treating your closed loops:

Steam boiler feed water and boiler water conductivity control is essential to energy and cost savings, following water quality guidelines set by boiler manufacturers and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). We can offer a wide range of programs to fit all needs. With our proper training and testing equipment and a superior 24/7 service, your operations will be efficient and effective in no time.

Jutzi Water has solutions to protect your cooling tower system and help you reduce your operating costs. Greater efficiencies are achieved through proper control of scale, corrosion, deposition and microbes. Our treatment programs address these interrelated potential problems. We serve industrial/commercial clients, as well as food plants, arenas and hospitals across Ontario.


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