Kinetico Hydrus

Kinetico Non-Electric Water Softening

Jutzi Water is dedicated to helping our industrial/commercial clients in Ontario reduce their energy costs for smoother, more efficient operations. That’s why we recommend non-electric Kinetico water softeners that are Kinetico Non-Electric Water Softening. Their simple, yet efficient non-electric design eliminates any problems with timers, solenoids and power failures. Because they regenerate only as needed, water usage can vary day to day without causing any problems or waste. Kinetico water softeners are a leader in the industry with 10-year warranties available.

Steam Boiler Pre-Treatment Installation

Using a water softener and dealkalizer with remote monitoring with a Bluetooth® control and monitoring system, you can reduce your salt use by as much as 40%, reduce your waste water by as much as 30% and reduce your hardness leakage by as much as 95%. Let Jutzi Water show you how.


Alkalinity can be a critical contaminant that should be removed to prevent scale and corrosion of water systems and to minimize total operating costs. Alkalinity is present in four forms: Dissolved carbon dioxide (CO2), bicarbonate (HCO3), carbonate (CO3) and hydroxyl (OH). The bulk of alkalinity in most naturally occurring water sources is bicarbonate alkalinity combined with some CO2.

Pure Ice

Pure Ice is designed to provide you with the highest quality of water for your facility. By using a process involving reverse osmosis, Pure Ice can deliver water that will help reduce operational costs and create an ice surface with bright, clear lines. Pure Ice removes up to 98% of dissolved solids from the water (hardness, alkalinity, chlorine) to provide you with the highest grade product for ice making.


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