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Commodity Chemicals

Jutzi Water’s technicians specialize in the treatment of boilers, cooling towers, wastewater and potable water treatment. Our potable water treatment chemicals are National Sanitation Foundation (NSF®)-approved, which ensures that only the best and safest quality product enters your system.

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We provide an assortment of NSF 60® drinking water and waste waster chemicals. Deliveries using our own trucks, in packaging sizes from pails (20L) to small bulk loads (5000L)


Jutzi Water Technologies provides swimming pool chlorine, delivered to your location. Delivered in Pails (20L) Drums (205L) Totes (1000L) up to small bulk (5000L)

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Jutzi can offer a vast amount of cleaning chemicals for a wide range of applications. Food and Beverages, Light Industrial, Heavy Industrial and many more. From CIP cleaners to pre operation cleaner and preventative maintenance cleaners.

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