D.H. Jutzi Limited - 60 years

D.H. Jutzi Limited: A Family Business Serving Southern Ontario 60+ Years

Quality and service are top priorities at D.H. Jutzi Limited. Committed to meeting your needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we are a petroleum and water treatment company serving Southern Ontario with the best products available from a highly trained and dedicated staff. We’re also dedicated to your home comfort, providing high-efficiency filters and other solutions to help improve your overall air and water quality.
Water Treatment Division
Our Water Treatment Division specializes in:

●  Certified Water Technologists (CWT)
●  Cooling towers – Corrosion control, scale inhibition, micro-biocides,
    pH control, HAACP plan, Legionella control, ASHRAE 188P, CTI
●  Steam boilers – Corrosion control, scale inhibition, neutralizing amines,
●  Hot & chilled closed loops – All-organic corrosion inhibitors,
    molybdate, nitrite, phosphonates
●  Thermal fluids – Ethylene glycol, propylene glycol
●  System cleaning – Scale removal, pH neutral cleaners, pre-operational
●  Water softening – Kinetico®
●  Reverse osmosis – GE Osmonics, Kinetico®
●  Domestic hot water Legionella control – CSI Defender®
●  Pure Ice‎ - Specializing in perfecting ice for hockey rinks!
●  ‎Potable water treatment – NSF-certified, phosphates, silicates,
    pH control, polymers, coagulants
●  Dealkalizers
●  Filtration – Pot feeders, chemical pumps, cooling tower controllers,
    double-walled chemical tanks
●  Chemicals – Hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide, sodium
    hypochlorite, liquid chlorine, aluminum sulphate, polyaluminum\
Petroleum Division
Our Petroleum Division specializes in:

●  Cardlock fuel
●  Ayr Gas Bar
●  Diesel fuels – Premium diesel with DSG, gasoline, regular unleaded,
    premium unleaded, power generation diesel, stove oil, regular ethanol,
    premium ethanol
●  Double-walled storage tanks
●  Farm fuels – Automatic delivery
●  Furnace oil – Oil burner mechanic, OBT-2 certification
●  Generator fuel systems
●  Lubricants
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